The Upside to MovieStarPlanet

To play MovieStarPlanet in the internet browser on the Personal computer, you need the latest release of Adobe Flash Person . As with virtually all free browser games you need to use the basic functions free of charge. Additional fame / fame features can be bought through real money. MovieStarPlanet is aimed mainly at 8- to 15-year-olds, so it is smart to look into the web game, not just for in-app buys. In addition to purchasing individual objects, the MovieStarPlanet account can be improved to VIP position.

moviestarplanet codesThe self-manufactured MovieStars gain through their actions Fame and StarCoins. The msp codes can be used in more in-game content such as outfits and animations. Your own character can enjoy the lead purpose within your own films. The additional people access the movies, the more StarCoins you’ll receive. Extra glory is gained by participating in many competitions and participating in.


The main elements of the overall game:

Create your personal avatar

Produce creative films

Make new friends

“What exactly are you doing?” Area: status text messages for friends

Boards and games to meet new good friends and pastime

Shopping location for different in-game clothing, carpentry and wallpapers and also music for movies

Guest book

MovieStarPlanet combines game components with the components of a social networking. The providers of the overall game work regularly on new reliability systems. Thus, inappropriate words z. B. filtered, mods monitor the game for additional hazards and incidents.

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