Mobile as a surveillance camera – That’s how it works

Surveillance cameras are often expensive and not necessarily flexible. For those who want to monitor specific rooms or living areas without a big budget, smartphone apps are a good alternative. Even older smartphones are perfect as a retrofit solution with the appropriate surveillance camera app. In just a few steps, a mobile phone becomes a baby monitor or a surveillance camera for your own room in a shared flat. We show how it works.

Download mobile surveillance app for free, is it worth it?

Surveillance apps are often mistakenly equated with location apps and criticized as espionage tools. But there is another side to it: when used in a private environment, Guarding Expert PC can contribute to burglary protection or be used as a cheap pet or baby cam.

In most cases, an (old) smartphone or tablet is placed at the desired location and used as a free surveillance camera replacement. With a second mobile phone, pictures or videos can be retrieved from home at any time.

Use Android Mobile Phone as Surveillance Camera: Apps at a Glance

Particularly popular are free Android apps for using the phone as a security camera. For some providers, instead of a second mobile phone as a camera replacement, a motion detector or an IP camera is connected. Some also offer paid video storage or extra features. We present various ways to monitor your home with Android apps. The download link to the respective app and an indication of possible costs can be found directly in the respective product overview.

Using iOS and iPhone as a Security Camera: Apps at a Glance

The good news beforehand: All surveillance camera apps presented in our overview are available as iOS versions for iDevices – many of them even for free. Only the Motion Detector Pro app is out of the ordinary. Because it is in contrast to the Android app fee.

Instructions Alfred App: Use mobile phone as a security camera

The surveillance camera App Alfred is not only extremely simple, but can also be easily set up. Only one Google Account is needed to verify the app. This serves above all the safety of the users, since thus foreign access to the surveillance camera app can be excluded.

The surveillance camera App Alfred is installed both on the camera device and on the mobile device, via which the camera is to be called up. Since the connection at Alfred does not run on a server, but Peer-2-Peer is transmitted, the app is very fast and responds accordingly well.

Thanks to the motion detector and push notification, the user of the surveillance camera App Alfred is immediately alerted to movement and can connect to the camera. An integrated screenshot function allows to catch the perpetrators in the act and to record evidence. The app can be used with several devices at the same time, so that users can position different smartphones as cameras in different rooms.

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