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Monday, July 24, 2017
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Who Killed Marilyn Monroe?

The Mid-Week Mystery. Who Killed Marilyn Monroe? Did the celebrated sex symbol take her own life or was something pushed up her bottom? The fourth of...

The Midweek Mystery – Who Really Makes Crop Circles?

Strange formations in fields of wheat and other crops have been appearing since the 1970s. Are they made by aliens parking their spaceships, or...

Midweek Mystery. The life and death of Robert Maxwell

Mystifying Death of a Media Mogul Who finally stopped the bouncing Czech? The extraordinary life and death of Robert Maxwell. In 1940, Jan Ludvik Hoch did...

Midweek Mystery – The search for Bigfoot

What made the oversized tracks found in Bluff Creak, California, and other parts of America? A giant ape or just a big jape? In 1924,...