Frightened Swedes buying bulletproof vests because of terrorism

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Much like a topless feminist rally, things aren’t looking too hot in Sweden right now.

Swedish people are beginning to get desperate amid all the rape and terrorism Can you blame them? Negative. For years now, Swedes have been forced to live in proximity with C-4 strapped grumkins. With little to defend themselves beyond leftist tolerance. This is an obvious problem to humans with basic motor functions.

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But apparently now that citizens have started turning to bulletproof vests for self defense, parliament members are having none of it

Just a few weeks ago, a bulletproof vest saved the life of a 18-year-old in Malmo, and more people buy and wear bulletproof vests.

[But] Allan Widman, chairman of the Swedish parliamentary defense committee, demands that individuals are prohibited from wearing bulletproof vests to protect themselves from increasing violence, which he believes will increase further without a ban.

New World Order – A world without religion

Widman has written a bill to the parliament in which he demands that it should be illegal and punishable for individuals to wear body armor in a public place.

The problem here, according to Widman, is that body armor can be used by bad people to bad things. You know, like guns. Or sporks.

Sound familiar? This is the same argument leftists use for gun control. It fails miserably in both cases. The left prides itself in wanting to stop violent crime. But in doing so, they strip regular law-abiding folk from the right to defend themselves. And we’re talking here about vests. Not even the boom boom sticks. Vests. Let that sink in.

All this, of course, is in an attempt to cut down on danger. Because bad guys might do bad things. The thing is, those bad guys? Yeah, they’re already doing bad things. Been doing bad things for a while now (see Mass Sword-Killing in Liberal Utopia Sweden. Sword Control?).

Since the Swedish government let many of these crap cronuts into their precious little Scandinavian utopia. But how dare the citizens protect themselves.

If only leftists hated terrorism as much as they despise self-defense…

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  • Ljungan

    What a load of crap!! A bullshit story! There isn’t a slightest grain of truth in this saga! I actually live in Sweden, and all of this is just made up. I suggest the author actually visit Sweden and not keep sitting on his right side of his ass somewhere in Asia and keep making things up.