Murder on Samui, Frenchman admits concealing body

Police say Cyrille Jean Paul Larignon has admitted concealing and moving the body

One of the suspects being held for the murder of 44-year-old Frenchman Laurent Lacques Jean Delacherie on Koh Samui has admitted concealing the body.

The victim was found on Thursday at the Tan Rua waterfall in the Mae Nam area with four gunshot wounds to the head.

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Mr Cyrille Jean Paul Larignon, 43-year-old owner of the restaurant where the killing is thought to have taken place has told investigators that he helped two of his countrymen conceal the body before moving it to the waterfall.

Two other Frenchmen, 65-year old Michel Georges, who is thought to be the gunman and 60-year-old Yves Daniel Climen have denied any involvement in the murder.

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Samui police have received reports in the past of problems between the victim and the suspect.

Investigators believe the murder is related to a restaurant business deal on the island. It is reported that the suspected gunman had previously agreed to sell his restaurant to the victim Mr Delacherie and then changed his mind.

It is then said that the two men agreed to meet at the restaurant of a mutual friend, Mr Larignon, but heated argument developed which resulted in Mr Delacherie being shot in the head four times.

All three men have been charged with murder and will be sent for trial.

Report by BangkokJack News Team