Viral video

A video clip showing a man punching a motorcyclist on a Bangkok street to relieve his anger after the motorcyclist hit his Mini Countryman car went viral on Sunday with criticisms of overreaction.

In the clip, the well-dressed man in a white shirt held the motorcyclist’s collar and blamed the latter for hitting the tail of his car and fleeing. He hit the motorcyclist repeatedly in the face.

The motorcyclist did not even resist or defend himself but listened and agreed to prostrate before the car as its owner ordered furiously. He ended up just wai the vehicle.

The car driver did not stop although onlookers said he could not attack the motorcyclist and the motorcyclist could take legal action against the driver.

It was reported that the accident occurred on Charoen Krung Road last Friday. Media reported that the luxury car driver was an actor and commentator of a famous music company and he planned to hold a news conference on Monday.

According to reports, the motorcyclist hit the car while trying to catch up with a taxi which earlier hit him. Afterwards, the motorcyclist returned to the car driver.

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Report shared by The Bangkok Post