Pattaya drug dealer ‘posing as a cop’ is held.

Police said that the suspect had been selling drugs to teenagers in the Pattaya area. He wore clothes suggestive of a cop that had a police logo.

Pattaya police and drug investigation officers nailed a Pattaya drug dealer who has been posing as a policeman.

Thirty-one year old Anuphan Kaewdaeng, who is known to his clients as ‘O’Bangmumeen,’ is suspected of selling drugs to teenagers in Pattaya.

Usually he dressed in clothes bearing a police badge, in an effort to pass himself off as an on-duty cop. He also carried a walkie-talkie with him on his rounds to ‘complete the look.’

Officers raided an up market apartment complex in the Soi Khao Noi area of Pattaya yesterday, reported the Daily News.

There they discovered Kaewdaeng in possession of 34 grams of ‘ice’ or crystal meth and a digital weighing machine.

He was caught in the act of preparing drugs for delivery.

Picture: Daily News

Officers said he had also posted a photograph of himself on a Facebook page posing with a gun and boasting that he could never be caught.

He has been charged with possession of a class A drug with intent to distribute.

Report by BangkokJack News Team – translated from Daily News