Thai Junta does not invite Crown Prince to succeed throne.

Crown Prince of Thailand. Are his links to the Shinawatra's going to be a problem..?

‘Thai National Assembly ends extraordinary meeting without inviting successor to late King Bhumibol to ascend throne.’  (Reuters News Agency)

And here begins the problems. Because at the center of concerns, among Thailand’s elite and military rulers, about Vajiralongkorn’s ascension to power is not just his erratic track record.

It could be fears of his personal relationship with ousted, former prime minister and business tycoon Thaksin Shinawatra, and his sister Yingluck who was herself also ousted by the military in 2014.

Thaksin even presented the crown prince with a luxury car when he was first elected in 2001.

The fear is that Vajiralongkorn may find a support base among the populist politician’s voters are these concerns are believed to have contributed to the coups that removed the Sinawatras and their Red Shirt support in the first place.

This may well turn out to be a big problem.

Report by HanoiJack News Team