Vibrating sex toy in suitcase delays Bangkok flight

Drama on the tarmac as bomb disposal officers inspect suitcase

A Chiang Mai to Bangkok Air Asia flight was delayed this morning as bomb disposal officers surrounded the aircraft and hauled off a suspicious suitcase.

Baggage handlers had noticed a strange vibration as they loaded the luggage and called the cops.

Deadly weapon...
Deadly weapon…

The flight, Air Asia FD34348 was due to leave Chaing Mai at 8.25am and passengers were left nervously waiting as an air-side inspection took place.

However, a search revealed a silver bullet sex-toy that the proud owner had forgotten to take the battery out of.

“When inspected, the officers found a sex toy. They did not confiscate the item because it did not threaten aviation security. The flight was only delayed by five minutes,” AirAsia told

Report by BangkokJack News Team